Name: Violet Dawn
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Owner: Ashywolf
Caught On: Mar 18, 2013
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Last bred: Jun 23, 2014

The Seamair la Augury, sometimes known as the Grass Dragon, is a small dragon only found in a few meadows. Such meadows are often inhabited by large numbers of clover, something that the adult dragon seems to have a strong tie to. This affinity for clovers and the fact that they breed during early spring has given them a reputation as the herald of St. Patrick's Day. During breeding season the male Seamair gathers large numbers of red and white clover flowers for a nesting site. It is believed that pairs of these dragons are faithful for life and always nest in the same location each year. Some adults have a few golden scales, and when these fall off they are often quite valuable.

Dragons are powerful creatures that live all over the world. Various breeds exist, each with their own unique characteristics that vary upon location. Some are rare while others are so common they are seen as pests in the areas they reside in. New species are still being discovered and information regarding known breeds is still incomplete.

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