Name: Ana
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Owner: Ashywolf
Caught On: Apr 29, 2013
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Last bred: Jun 23, 2014

The tales of the rippling waves and calm seas are not complete without the Alayi Oceane, a delphine creature named by the language of ancient lyrics. Its name means "Song of Oceans" to general language, but its name holds far more meaning, the likes of which cannot be found in modern tongue. Only a few oceans are home to this poorly-known breed, and any evidence of it is so seldom seen that it was long considered to be a myth. The species has a high affinity with water, and they have a considerable power over currents and reflections which they use primarily for protection or stunning prey. Their dialect, composed of an array of varied whistles, is not well studied and its complete purpose is still unknown. The few encounters with matured individuals have revealed little about their behavior and temperament, as while some encounters have left the onlooker with awe other onlookers have been lucky to escape with their life.

Dragons are powerful creatures that live all over the world. Various breeds exist, each with their own unique characteristics that vary upon location. Some are rare while others are so common they are seen as pests in the areas they reside in. New species are still being discovered and information regarding known breeds is still incomplete.

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