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Salamandrakes are a small breed of dragons, living in tundra, who got their name thanks to their uncanny resemblance with the tiny amphibians. Unlike the famous lizards, they love spending most of their time yawning and stretching in the heat of the sun. Their life style doesn't affect them too much, given that their skin produces a substance that protects them from high temperatures. Male drakes are very territorial: they will fool the possible intruder with what appears to be playing; instead, they will use their sharp claws and teeth, leaving the opponent bruised. Females are usually more laid-back. However, if there is no male around when they have eggs and hatchlings to tend to, they will not hesitate to protect them. A salamandrake's diet is varied. They like wild fruits and honey, but will also hunt and consume small creatures. It is said that there might have been some albino salamandrakes in sight too, but they appear to be a very rare occurance.

Dragons are powerful creatures that live all over the world. Various breeds exist, each with their own unique characteristics that vary upon location. Some are rare while others are so common they are seen as pests in the areas they reside in. New species are still being discovered and information regarding known breeds is still incomplete.

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