Name: Chiko
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Owner: Ashywolf
Caught On: Jun 15, 2013
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Last bred: May 25, 2014

Typheret dragons are some of the wisest and strongest dragons. They have strong magical powers and telepathic capacities. Their origin is unknown, but its said that they came from a different, superior dimension in order to act like guardians to all creatures, with whom they have a very strong connection. As legend goes, the first one of their kind to be seen descended from the skies during an endless flooding storm and the skies cleared shortly after, allowing the sun rays to warm up the ground once more. Then, it is said that a few mysterious and colorful eggs appeared in strange places; they were untoucheable, undestructible and needed no care in order to hatch. The newborns, once out of their shells were still free of danger and as time passed, they grew up into beautiful winged creatures, just like the one that came and stopped the storm.

Dragons are powerful creatures that live all over the world. Various breeds exist, each with their own unique characteristics that vary upon location. Some are rare while others are so common they are seen as pests in the areas they reside in. New species are still being discovered and information regarding known breeds is still incomplete.

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