Name: Petal-dancer
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Owner: Ashywolf
Caught On: May 15, 2013
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Last bred: Jul 23, 2013

Carnation Dragons are only typically seen early in the spring, when their colouration is at its brightest. When they fly they beat their wings blazingly fast, though since it takes up so much energy they cannot fly as far as most dragons but despite this they venture on a biannual migration to unknown lands, stopping off in fields along the way. The adults have a long tongue developed for sipping nectar and they often shelter in trees for their shade. They have a strong tie to a wild form of carnation, which they often rest among for protection.

Dragons are powerful creatures that live all over the world. Various breeds exist, each with their own unique characteristics that vary upon location. Some are rare while others are so common they are seen as pests in the areas they reside in. New species are still being discovered and information regarding known breeds is still incomplete.

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